Many contractors find that applying Release Agent to forms while still in the basket saves a step in form setup and creates labor savings.






Full Panel Baskets

If you have invested money in a quality crane truck, now may be the time to invest in quality material handling equipment. In the past two decades we have proven to be the leader and innovator of material handling baskets. WTF designs and manufactures the highest quality form baskets in the industry.

WTF builds heavy duty baskets. Each full panel basket is equipped with two 2"x12' nylon straps with a ratchet handle and four wear pads. The capacity of the forms held in each basket is determined by your crane's lifting capacity. When ordering please specify lifting bell or loop.

Expanded metal is place in center of basket to allow for storage of accessories needed on the job site.

Heavy Tube construction allows minimal bracing. This allows for easier form storage and removal. Because of lighter construction many form baskets in the industry require additional side bracing. This type of basket construction can
create additional labor when removing or storing forms.

A-Frame Basket available for all heights on 36" wide panels.

The Baskets are built with a taper at the base to add
additional stability to forms being stored

48" stacker basket also available

*Note: Has four straps

Filler Baskets

A wide variety of different basket designs are available. These include the Laydown Filler Basket and the Standup Filler Basket. WTF designs the baskets to accommodate the equipment of the contractor.

Laydown Filler Basket
Standup Filler Basket