Wall Aligner

Wall Puller

This practical tool creates movement of wall when prying against footing. Permits one-person leverage to move forms and square corners. The heavy-duty steel chain is attached to the pin on the bottom of the form. Leverage end is heat-treated for extended life.

Also available with hook for chain adjustment.

Product #AOT20000000000

This tool is for moving the wall after forms are set.

Product #AOT10000000000

Aluminum Wall Brace

Siderail Puller

Available in the following sizes:

13'6" - Ideal for 9' tall walls
Product #ABR00000013600

10'6" - Ideal for 8' tall walls
Product #ABR00000010600

5'3" - Ideal for 4' tall walls
Product #ABR00000005300

Designed to remove panels from ground level.

Specify left or right hand.

Product #SOT10000000000

The turnbuckle allows adjustment without moving brace. Easily attached to either lumber or metal pipe to manipulate wall braces that pin to the form.

Product #SBR10000000000

Form & Corner Puller
Used to strip panels from
top of wall. Ideal for
brick-faced forms.


String Line Attachment


Tie Twister
String line attachment is clamped to the top of the OSC and is used to align the wall.

Product #SOT20000000000

Used to tie wire ties quickly and easily. Works with any size wire tie.

Product #SOT30000000000

Tie Breaker Bar

Vertically breaks ties quickly and easily without gouging the wall.


Rod Support
Aligner Clamps
Designed to hold rebar in position while placing concrete in footings.
Aligner clamp with 5/8" pin, ¾" gap is used to pin aluminum brickledge to top of forms. Also used to pin top rail to bottom rail in stacking and cap form applications.

Product #SCP10000000000

Product #SR010000000000
Product #SR020000000000